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Queen Bean is a pastry project fundraiser from Rachel Mennies designed to help the treat-lovers of Chicago support their community while eating delicious baked goods.

Pastry boxes will 1. include three to four treats that make use of seasonal and local ingredients whenever possible; 2. feature my favorite flavors (salty-sweet! herbal! chocolate every day!); 3. accommodate all vegetarians and, when possible, vegans too; 4. support rotating organizations and causes, with 100% of proceeds donated.

December Menu: Drop Day 12/18/22

The holidays are coming, which means it's time for Queen Bean's first-ever all-cookie box! This month's box will include a dozen cookies in four different flavors:

1. Double-mint, double-chocolate chunk cookies

2. Campari and orange shortbreads

3. Speculoos and molasses cookies

4. Whiskey and pecan sandies (vegan!)

December Fundraiser

This month's fundraiser will support the Rogers Park Free Store, a mutual aid hub and free store in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood that connects folks with cleaning supplies, toiletries, clothing and baby supplies, among other needed goods and aid.

Previous Fundraisers

All proceeds from the August 2022 box were donated to Chicago Books to Women in Prison, an all-volunteer group that distributes paperback books free of charge to incarcerated people nationwide and focuses on women and trans/non-binary people. Chicago Books to Women in Prison is "dedicated to offering the opportunity for self-empowerment, education and entertainment that reading provides." 


All proceeds from the July 2022 box were donated to Midwest Access Coalition (MAC): "MAC envisions a world in which all people have access to safe, free, legal abortions wherever they live. As a practical abortion fund, MAC helps people traveling to, from, and within the Midwest access a safe, legal abortion with support in the following areas: travel coordination and costs, lodging, food, medicine, and emotional support." 

All proceeds from the April 2022 box were donated to Market Box, a volunteer-driven mutual aid project that bulk-buys food from small farms and distributes it for free to 400+ households per month across the South Side of Chicago.


All proceeds from the March 2022 box were donated to World Central Kitchen, who is currently distributing food—including hot, fresh meals—across five countries to Ukrainian refugees fleeing their homes for safety. 🌻🇺🇦

All proceeds from the February 2022 box were donated to Brave Space Alliance. Brave Space Alliance is the first Black-led, trans-led LGBTQ+ Center located on the South Side of Chicago, designed to create and provide affirming and culturally competent services for the entire LGBTQ+ community of Chicago.


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As a home baker who cares a lot about your safety & has loved ones with food allergies, a caveat: my kitchen should not be considered allergen-safe, even if a box doesn't explicitly list an ingredient you might be allergic to. Pastries prepared for the fundraisers may contain wheat (...always), dairy, eggs, peanuts/tree nuts, soy-originating ingredients, and/or other common allergens, and could also contain traces of other allergens from my home fridge/pantry/etc.

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